Any person who is a citizen of the Navajo Nation may file a complaint with the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission. Navajo citizens who do file a complaint with the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission must be a willing and active participant throughout the entire process.

All filed complaints are reviewed by the Executive Director and/or the Staff Attorney to determine whether a formal investigation will be conducted. The Staff Attorney DOES NOT offer legal advice or legal services to Navajo citizens filing a complaint.

All formal complaints filed with the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission will comply with the set of laws, rules and procedures stated in the Navajo Nation Code, the Arizona and New Mexico State Constitutions, and the Federal Constitution. The following are the steps involved:


  • All complaints must be filed with the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission *within 365 days* of the alleged violation and be submitted on the NNHRC Complaint Form (NNHRC 1A). The form may be downloaded below.
  • The NNHRC Complaint Form (NNHRC 1A) must be *completed in full* in order to proceed and must contain the name and address of the client filing the complaint and the party who violated the client's rights.
  • A detailed, factual description of the incident and how the client's rights were violated, is required on the NNHRC Complaint Form (NNHRC 1A).
  • Supporting documents, including any eyewitness accounts, should be included.
  • Both forms must be fully completed, signed and dated by the client, which will then authorized the NNHRC to start its investigation.
  • The NNHRC Executive Director and/or the NNHRC Staff Attorney shall review all filed complaints and determine if an investigation is required.
  • When an investigation is conducted, the NNHRC will work closely with the Federal, State, City and other Municipal Agencies.
  • Staff members at NNHRC require that those who file a complaint be an active participant throughout the process.
  • A letter and report will be generated by the NNHRC to the client and the Commissioners about the investigation and its outcome.


NNHRC Formal Complaint Form